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The Shoebox And Other Mysteries Of Medical Support For Kids

So, you think you know a little about Texas child support laws, right? You’ve heard about the Texas child support…

10 Tips For Divorcing Parents

Because divorce is such a catastrophic experience for children and because divorcing parents have had little to no training in…

Is There Food In Your Pantry? Getting Ready For Your CPS Home Study

Grandparents and other family members who intervene in pending custody cases brought by the Texas Department of Family and Protective…

Property Division

Pre and Post-Marital Agreements

Making Ends Meet: Temporary Alimony In Texas Divorce

Texas divorce law doesn’t recognize temporary alimony. In other words, payments made by one spouse for the benefit of the…

A Few Things You Should Know About Divorce In Texas

In our Tarrant County divorce practice, we’ve helped thousands of clients navigate one of life’s most difficult events.  As leading Texas…

What To Do When Your Custody Order Stops Working

If you have a crystal ball, be sure to bring it with you when you negotiate the child custody provisions…

What’s On Your Wall? — Social Media & Divorce

Think twice before you posting your exploits on your Facebook page.  Texas divorce courts now allow evidence from facebook and…

Divorce And Social Security Benefits

For some of us, divorce occurs later in life when retirement and other quality of life issues assume greater importance. …

The Hunger Games Solution For Parental Alienation

Being the parent of a teenager, I got wrapped up in the wave of insanity driven by The Hunger Games….

Are You Prepared To Go Pro Se?

The proliferation of on-line, do-it-yourself, legal forms makes it easier than ever for you to go pro se in many…

Child Protection Or Family Selection?

How Texas CPS stacks the Deck Is the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (“CPS”) only concerned with the…

The Parental Presumption In Texas Family Law

Texas family law has many presumptions, but none is more important than the so-called parental presumption as it is applied…

When Equal Isn’t Fair

Often new clients come to our law offices believing they already know Texas family law. With so much talk about…

Child Support And The Unemployed Or Underemployed

Our Texas Family Code takes a very direct approach in calculating child support. This is, child support is based on…

A Fresh Look At Legal Fees

Several of my recent Fort Worth divorce cases illustrate how certain enterprising attorneys prey upon marital assets to obtain inflated…

Behind Enemy Lines: What Is CPS Telling Their Lawyers?

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has published an online practice guide for attorneys representing CPS in Texas….

Grandparents Under Attack In Austin

Today, the Texas Family Law Foundation voiced its opposition to HB 025571 which would further erode the rights of grandparents to seek…

Distinguishing Spousal Maintenance From Alimony

In our Dallas and Fort Worth divorce practice, clients often ask if they can expect to get alimony from their former spouse. The…

The Texas Family Code Can’t Handle Teenagers (but Who Can?)

As you can see from the picture to the right, I know a thing or two about being a parent to a…

Do Texas Child Support Guidelines Discourage Equal Parenting?

Fort Worth child custody lawyers and Tarrant County Family Court Judges have always held the belief that application of state mandated…

Is Time On Your Side?

During difficult times, you may think it’s easier to put off filing for divorce, to live apart and avoid paying…

Retainer Fees And Other Mysteries Of Legal Billing

Just how confusing are the fees charged by attorneys? Why can you find divorce fee quotes anywhere between $99 and…

Nice Wins Custody Case

Yesterday’s hearing on temporary orders in Tarrant County divorce court reinforced a point I always stress to my clients. That is, find…

Deal Killers In Divorce

If there is such an emphasis on finding alternatives to litigation in divorce and child custody cases, then why are the courtrooms…

Quizzle For Home, Money, And Credit

For many divorcing couples, their residence is their most valuable community asset. If you are curious about the value of…