The Divorce Quick Start

Every Texas divorce follows these steps from start to finish: Petition for Divorce — this is the document that opens your case at the courthouse.  The legal document ranges from two to 20 pages in length, depending on the circumstances.  Every petition will include the basics such as names of the parties and children, dates of […]

The Difficulty of Divorce For Parents With Special Needs Kids

A divorce that includes a special needs child can be a more complicated undertaking than that of the standard arrangement that most other couples might have when facing a divorce with children involved.

Divorce lawyers who have counseled parents in these situations find that it involves much more detailed planning […]

Life-Changing Divorce and Child Custody Battles – A Case Study

After struggling in an abusive marriage for seven years, Billy needed to break free from Allison and her explosive behavior.

Billy had an overwhelming concern – protecting his son Jason and making sure he was appointed primary joint managing conservator.

An Overwhelming Problem – Son Jason

Complicating the case was […]

Why More Professionals Are Choosing Collaborative Divorce!

A doctor (I’ll call her Joan) recently called me, concerned about pursuing a divorce from her husband who was also a physician and worried that a public and contentious divorce would expose her husband’s alcoholism and jeopardize his professional standing and even his medical license.

Both parties owned an interest […]

Divorce, Geographic Restrictions, and Child Custody – A Case Study

Ellen was a mother of two who moved with her husband from Massachusetts to Texas, hoping that the move would improve the marriage; however, things only got worse.

Problem – Isolation From Family Support Network

Now isolated from her family and support system back in Massachusetts, Ellen was entirely under […]

Don’t Leave Divorce to Chance – Plan and Be Prepared!

Because no divorce is the ever same and even simpler ones require critical forethought, it’s always recommended to consult with a divorce lawyer who can guide you in such planning.

It is the key to avoiding unexpected problems along the way that could delay the process or make finalizing a […]

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Custody Orders Under Covid-19!

Suddenly, the most routine events in our lives have become a challenge with every move requiring a risk-assessment.

If you share custody with another conservator under a Texas court order, you may have questions about the interplay between State and local emergency orders and your current child custody possession orders.