Texas Open Adoptions

Texas Open AdoptionsOur discussion of open adoption must begin with the premise that a child only has two parents at any particular time. For adoption to occur, all existing parental rights of the child’s biological parents must be terminated by court order.

If the rights of a parent to a child have been terminated by such an order, that parent has no legal right to the child. This includes the right to have any sort of continuing contact with the child following a subsequent adoption. Until Texas law recognizes the enforceability of open adoption agreements, such agreements are largely an act of good-faith between an adoptive family and a biological parent.

Do Open Adoptions Make Sense?

There are still times when it makes sense for adoptive parents to negotiate open adoption agreements with biological parents. For instance, some adoptive parents tell us that it is psychologically healthy for their adopted child to have a continuing relationship, albeit limited, with a biological parent. Additionally, it may be advantageous to have contact with biological parents if family medical history is needed post-adoption.

What goes in to an Open Adoption Agreement?

At Schreier & Housewirth we have experience in facilitating open adoption agreements between adoptive and biological parents. We work with adoptive and biological parents to build trust and lay the foundation for a continuing relationship. As experienced open adoption attorneys we help our clients to consider terms for continuing contact, exchange of information, confidentiality issues and termination clauses. A properly prepared open adoption agreement can provide reassurance for both adoptive and biological parents.

Schreier & Housewirth helps make adoptions work

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