Growing a Family Law Practice in Fort Worth

Schreier Housewirth
It feels like we’ve been divorce and custody lawyers in Ft. Worth forever.  Fort Worth is home for us and we’ve worked hard to earn our spot as respected attorneys in the Tarrant County Family Law Bar community — the most educated, ethical and compassionate family law attorneys in Texas.

A successful family law practice doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s taken time, consistency, and great representation of all kinds of clients in all kinds of situation.

We both got our start at large, corporate law firms in Dallas.   By pure coincidence, we both worked in the Dallas County District Attorney’s office  prosecuting CPS cases.  That’s where we learned what it really means to be a “trial lawyer.” While we both had other opportunities, we found our greatest reward in representing divorce, custody and CPS clients throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.

Twenty-five years later, we are older and wiser, but still moved by the fears, concerns and hopes of the clients who come to our Dallas/Fort Worth family law offices. We value the trust our clients place in us and work hard every day to protect their interests.

Our family law practice is small by design, giving us the power to work closely with you on your divorce or child custody case. The lines of communication are always open, and your case will never be delegated to a junior attorney.

We emphasize a straightforward approach to our divorce and child custody cases, negotiating when we can and fighting when we should.  This direct approach provides better value for our clients and puts justice within reach for nearly everyone.

For twenty-five years, Fort Worth divorce clients and Dallas custody clients have turned to Schreier & Housewirth to protect what’s most important in the face of divorce.

Contact our firm to speak with a Fort Worth divorce attorney. Our seasoned, professional divorce lawyers represent Texas families facing a variety of family law matters, including:

Each family law case is a journey, which often begins with a crisis and concludes with an agreed-upon resolution or, sometimes, a trial. Many clients tell us that just knowing what lies ahead is their greatest source of comfort. Accordingly, we believe in providing a roadmap of the journey, which highlights key decision points along the way.

Effective representation demands more than knowledge of the law. It also requires the tact and wisdom that comes from years of family law practice in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. We believe our clients benefit from not only our legal knowledge but also from our ability to recommend the right thing at the right time based upon our experience.

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