Family law is a challenging, and often emotional legal field that addresses divorces, child custody and support, adoptions, and many other issues.

Because family law cases frequently involve issues that can dramatically affect people’s lives and personal relationships, it is wise to choose a board-certified attorney to assist with these cases.

Board-certified family lawyers are highly qualified to handle challenging family cases, helping those in need of their services get the best outcome for their relationship issues based on their years of experience spent helping others. 

What Is A Board-Certified Family Law Attorney?

Board certification in Texas is a mark of qualification that family law attorneys and others can work toward to distinguish them among the ranks of lawyers within the state.

A board-certified family law attorney has completed specialized training in the field of family law, with many years of experience as well.

They are considered the best lawyers to hire when dealing with sensitive family issues, as board-certified lawyers have the greatest knowledge and skill in these challenging and emotional situations and can give their clients the highest quality legal counsel. 

What Are The Qualifications For Board Certification in Family Law? 

Becoming a board-certified family law lawyer is challenging, and involves a lengthy process.

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) requires that candidates seeking certification meet these important criteria: 

  • Time - Family lawyers wishing to become board-certified must be practicing law for a minimum of five years as a member of the Texas State Bar, with an active involvement in family law for a minimum of three years.
  • Continuing Education - Candidates must complete ongoing continuing education courses as required, usually 60 hours or more. 
  • Participation - Candidates must participate in a required number of court appearances, contested trials, civil trials, and others, to demonstrate their knowledge of these different procedures.
  • References and Reviews - Candidates must submit references and peer reviews from other attorneys and judges who can testify to their competence in their chosen field. 
  • Examination - To become a board-certified family attorney, candidates must finally pass a 6-hour test on family law and meet all other TBLS Standards for Attorney Certification.

Why Is Choosing A Board-Certified Family Law Lawyers Recommended For Family Law Cases? 

Family law cases are different than any other legal case, as they focus on relationships and family problems.

Due to their experience working in this law field, board-certified family law lawyers can help families work through their problems more effectively, using some creative solutions.

With their vast knowledge of family law, they have a greater ability to confidently help clients resolve their issues in ways that consider every person’s needs, even in complicated circumstances. 

Hire a Board-Certified Family Law Attorney To Navigate Sensitive Family Legal Concerns

When family legal concerns arise, it is important to find the right professional to help.

A board-certified family law attorney is the best option for anyone dealing with emotional legal cases.

Compassionate and experienced board-certified family lawyers can help clients find the most fitting solution to their divorce cases and other family legal concerns. 


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Gregory L. Housewirth is a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist practicing in Fort Worth Texas. With 30 years of family law experience, Mr. Housewirth has represented hundreds of clients in divorce, custody, CPS, modification, and grandparent cases. In addition, Mr. Housewirth is a qualified family law mediator and a member of Collaborative Law Texas, a practice group dedicated to promoting collaborative divorce in Texas.