When parents face a child protective services claim against them, it is important to understand the process that will follow.

Any claim made to child protective services, regardless of who makes it or whether the claim is valid or not, must be followed up with an investigation.

CPS investigations are an essential element in the claims process and required for CPS to research the situation and determine whether any kind of intervention is required.

What Is The Purpose of A CPS Investigation?

In today’s society, people are encouraged to make child protective services claims when they see what could be some kind of abuse or neglect happening.

Doctors, teachers, and other professionals who work with children are required by law to report suspected cases of abuse or neglect so that an investigation can be prompted.

Once those claims are registered, one or more CPS investigations will be arranged to fully understand what is happening in that child’s life and if there is actual abuse or neglect going on.

Through a series of investigations, CPS can assess the validity of the allegations and level of risk the child may be facing, then determine what, if any, intervention should be made to protect them.

How Does Child Protective Services Conduct Their Investigations?

Investigations done by child protective services all follow a very specific progression.

They begin with an initial assessment of how serious the CPS claim is and then continue with the assignment of an investigator who will report their findings back to the agency.

CPS investigations can vary in length depending on the severity of the allegations and what is involved in getting the full story from those being investigated.

Caseworkers investigating child protective services claims may legally approach a child at school, go to the home, or otherwise interview the child as well as parents, teachers, doctors, nurses, and any other person whose testimony might be helpful for gaining an understanding of whether allegations are valid. 

Learn More In This Video About CPS Investigations

In this helpful video, Texas Board-Certified Family Law practitioner Greg Housewirth explains what happens in a Texas CPS investigation to help parents facing this issue know what to expect.

Contact An Experienced Family Law Attorney When Facing A CPS Investigation

Child protective services investigations can be lengthy and even involve law enforcement.

When dealing with a CPS claim, parents should consult with an attorney experienced in these cases and the CPS process to discuss allegations of abuse or neglect and receive guidance on how to proceed.

Though child protective services do retain certain rights to approach and interview children, even outside of the presence of their parents, an experienced lawyer can help to ensure parent’s rights are also being protected and that they are well-represented during the investigation and throughout their CPS case.

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