Parents dealing with Texas CPS claims against them frequently fear the worst and with valid reasoning.

Some of these cases can be quite serious and bring an equally serious outcome: however, CPS lawyers also find that a greater percentage of CPS cases are minor, resulting in no or minimal intervention.

Since every case is different, experienced CPS attorneys are a valuable asset for explaining the various case outcomes to parents dealing with an investigation and helping them through it for the most favorable outcome. 

Does Every CPS Claim Result In A Child Being Removed? 

No, most do not and in 2022, there were nearly 300,000 CPS claims made throughout the year, 92% of which were closed without any kind of intervention being necessary.

Texas CPS lawyers find that in most cases, there is only a very small chance that the state will take conservatorship of someone’s child or children after a claim and investigation.

Still, the possibility is always there, so it is important to work with a knowledgeable CPS attorney who can protect the parent’s rights and help them through the CPS investigation and negotiation process. 

What Are Some Possible Outcomes After A CPS Investigation? 

There are a number of possible outcomes that CPS claims can lead to after an investigation: 

  • Most commonly, CPS lawyers see these cases as producing no evidence of actual abuse or neglect, and no need for agency intervention. After an appropriate investigation and with no reason to intervene, those cases are closed by the agency with no formal action being taken. 
  • In cases where caseworkers believe there is some help and guidance needed, but the risk to the children is not serious, CPS attorneys often see the case being entered into an alternative response system. This is a collaborative system between the agency and the family, in which CPS helps families access the resources they may need to help their situation and eliminate the causes of potential neglect or abuse before those concerns become more prominent. 
  • Beyond the basic level of assistance offered through the alternative response system, some families may require a higher level of assistance through a family-based safety services program. This provides more intensive in-home assistance from CPS that is ongoing for a number of months while parents complete recommended interventions. 
  • As a last step before a serious intervention like removing the child from the home, CPS may also request that parents sign a safety plan agreement that requires certain more significant actions. Due to the nature of these safety plans and the manner in which they are presented as an “all or nothing” deal for parents, CPS lawyers should be consulted when circumstances are such that this agreement might be offered.

Hear more about the different outcomes possible after CPS claim investigations in this video with Greg Housewirth, a Texas Board-Certified Family Law practitioner experienced with negotiating the CPS system. 

Get Through A CPS Claim By Knowing the Various Potential Outcomes

No CPS claim is the same and while most end with little to no intervention, this is not always the case.

To learn more about potential outcomes when facing a CPS investigation and move forward with confidence, guidance from a CPS attorney experienced in those outcomes is essential.

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