When you hire Schreier & Housewirth Family Law for your case, plan on spending some time with us here at the office.  That’s because we will take the time in our initial client intake meeting to really get to know you and your case history.

In family law, it’s often the “back-story” that drives the “lead-story.”  Did his mother always hate you?  Where was she really when she said she was working late?  Why did his uncle loan you the money?  These seemingly trivial questions often unlock a wealth of vital case information.

Knowing your story helps us develop themes critical to the presentation of your case… and helps us to re-package for court your prior failings and indiscretions.

Our clients know, and expect, a close attorney-client relationship when they come to our Tarrant County Family Law offices.  It’s our willingness to take the extra time, that has earned Schreier & Housewirth Family Law the trust of divorce and custody clients for over 25 years.