Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one in which all issues are agreed by both parties. Typically, divorcing parties will agree that each will keep all of the property in his or her possession and pay all debts in his or her name. Children’s issues are resolved by the parties being named as joint managing conservators of the child, one parent paying state guideline child support, and having access to the child according to the Texas Standard Possession Order.

In these uncontested divorces, our main concern is making sure you and your spouse have addressed all of the issues so as to avoid trouble after the divorce. Remember, if your divorce decree is inaccurate or incomplete, you’re not saving money!

At Schreier + Housewirth Family Law, we’ve adopted a unique flat-fee structure for uncontested divorces. This cost-saving fee structure gives you the peace of mind in knowing your divorce has been processed by a firm dedicated to the practice of family law.

Read “Are you prepared to go pro se” for our take on uncontested divorce and the use of standardized forms.

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