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C.P.S. Defense

A CPS Child Abuse Investigation Can Tear Your Family Apart.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (“CPS”) is a powerful agency that can take any action necessary to protect children from suspected abuse or neglect. Such actions may include:

  • Entry into your home.
  • Extensive interrogation of you and your children.
  • Interviews with doctors, teachers and neighbors.
  • Requests for drug testing.
  • Requests for corrective action.
  • Separation of family members.
  • Removal of children from the home where there is a immediate and ongoing danger to their welfare.

Not Your Ordinary Lawyer

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A CPS case isn’t like a criminal case or custody case. If you “go it alone” or hire the wrong attorney, things could get worse. You could find yourself agreeing to unnecessary restrictions or even end up in court defending against CPS allegations of child abuse or neglect.
In most cases, you can respond to a CPS investigation yourself, without paying excessive legal fees. You just need help from the right lawyer.


I’m Greg Housewirth. I’m a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist. In my 30 years of practice, I’ve handled CPS cases from every angle. I’ve represented CPS as an Assistant District Attorney. I’ve represented children as guardian ad litem, and I’ve represented parents facing termination of their parental rights.

I’ll give you all the law you need to respond to a C.P.S. Investigation.

Today, I consult with families across Texas, empowering them to protect themselves and their children when responding to a CPS investigation.

I call my new, limited-scope representation CPS RESCUE.

Now, you can get the legal support you need without paying a large retainer. CPS RESCUE is both effective and cost effective, requiring a payment of only $400.00 per session.

What is C.P.S. Rescue?

CPS RESCUE is a paid, 50-minute attorney meeting over Zoom. In our CPS RESCUE session, you will:

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According to Texas CPS program data, the CPS statewide child abuse hotline 1-800-252-5400 received 310,849 calls in 2022.

Of those thousands of calls, only 3% resulted in children being removed from the home and 66% of those calls resulted in a case disposition of “Ruled-Out” for child abuse or neglect.
With odds like these, I will often recommend you respond to a CPS investigation without bringing a lawyer into the fray. A C.P.S. Rescue will arm you with the knowledge and assurance you need to address C.P.S. concerns on your own.

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Mike and Dana live in a comfortable suburb north of Fort Worth.  Mike works as a pharmaceuticals sales representative and Dana is a teacher at the local elementary school.  The Couple has three children Amy, 13, Michelle, 9, and Monty, 6.

The eldest child, Amy, has suffered from persistent anxiety and has engaged in some self-harming behaviors.  Being attentive parents, Mike and Dana, paired Amy with Dawn, a young therapist in the area.

During a session with Dawn, Amy seemed to suggest she was considering further self-harm as a way to deal with her persistent anxiety.  Dawn, as a “mandatory reporter” called the Texas Child Protective Services statewide intake number and made an anonymous report, alleging that Amy could be at risk for abuse or neglect in her parents’ care.

Mike and Dana were shocked and totally blindsided when they received a call from a CPS worker asking to come to their home and question them about their family and the abuse referral.  I was working at my desk and took Mike’s call myself.  The couple had spent two-hours online reading horror stories of families torn apart by false allegations of child abuse or neglect.  They were in desperate need of help from a trusted source.

“You guys are in good shape,” I said. “Invite the CPS worker in and politely answer her questions.  Keep it to the facts.  Don’t guess.  Don’t speculate.  And do not sign anything or agree to anything without talking to me first.”

An hour later, I was in a CPS Coaching Session with Mike and Dana.  They walked me through their family history and Amy’s struggles with her anxiety.  It didn’t take long for me to understand their commitment to their children and desire to meet any issues head-on.  Amy had been going to counseling for about three months and was actually doing quite well.  That’s why the CPS referral came as such a shock!

I took the time to give Mike and Dana a little context so they could take-down their own anxiety!  I explained professionals like Dawn are under a strict requirement to report suspected child abuse or neglect and, if they don’t, they risk losing their professional license.  As I say, teachers, therapists, and doctors are never sanctioned for “over-reporting.”

Having helped thousands of parents in my 30 years’ of practice, I advised Mike and Dana they could respond to CPS on their own without sacrificing their family or escalating the situation.  I gave specifics about the CPS interview and identified the things CPS needed to see to conclude the investigation.  I also advise the couple they had a right to, and should, record the interview on their phone.

“You guys are in good shape,” I said. “Invite the CPS worker in and politely answer her questions.  Keep it to the facts.  Don’t guess.  Don’t speculate.  And do not sign anything or agree to anything without talking to me first.”

About 8pm that night, I checked in on Mike to see how things went during the CPS visit.  Here’s what I got, “Yes thank you for checking in!!! So appreciated. It went really well, she kept it short with both children, standard 5 questions and said she has no concerns so it should be closed out in next couple of weeks.”

Case closed.

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