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Don’t let a family law problem
put your life on hold.

Our family law attorneys will
put you back in control.

Don’t let a family law problem
put your life on hold.

Our family law attorneys will
put you back in control.

Choose your lawyer wisely

There’s so much at stake in your divorce and child custody case. Hiring the right lawyer is important.

Your interests must align. Otherwise, you can find yourself feeling alone, misunderstood, and
relegated to being just a number in a high-volume family law practice.

A family law firm that’s
different by design

Fort Worth Family Lawyers, Holly Schreier and Greg Housewirth

We’ve been at family law for 35 years and our practice is fine-tuned to deliver positive results for clients.

At Schreier & Housewirth you get:

We Shoot For The Stars

What an AMAZING LAW FIRM!!!! I’m crying tears of joy due to this attorney! Hire Greg! Do it immediately! He is fantastic!! We dealt with a terrible attorney that kept... read more

Trist'n Jansson Avatar Trist'n Jansson
January 9, 2023

Very responsive and knowledgeable. Instantly put my mind at ease. It is obvious from the very beginning that you are in good hands with Mr. Housewirth. Would highly recommend!

Victoria Espinosa Avatar Victoria Espinosa
September 9, 2022

Max Brewington and Shelly Brown are a great team! Every time I had a question, Shelly was just a call away and would have an answer to any question I... read more

Perla Delgado Avatar Perla Delgado
February 9, 2022

A Fort Worth Family Law Firm

Family Law is Our Business

We are a husband and wife family law practice representing clients in cases where the stakes are high and the outcomes change lives. For 35 years, hundreds of clients have counted on us to protect their children and themselves during life’s most difficult times.

Gregory L. Housewirth

is one of a select group of attorneys in Fort Worth to be Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. A skilled trial lawyer, mediator and collaborative attorney, he achieves positive outcomes for clients. He is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law and T.C.U.

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Portrait of Fort Worth Family Lawyer - Greg Housewirth
Portrait of Holly Schreier - Fort Worth Family Lawyer

Holly J. Schreier

is a special advocate for children in long-term foster care, she strives to ensure her clients have the resources needed to meet their individual needs. She consults with family, foster-parents and other stakeholders in the lives of children affected by child abuse or neglect. She is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law and Duke University.

Never Hired an Attorney? Here’s How…

You’ve Been Served

Divorce Lawyer Fort Worth


We represent in all divorces, ranging from “knock-down drag-out” courtroom battles to litigation alternatives such as lawyer-facilitated divorce and collaborative divorce.

  • Contested Divorce
  • Complex Marital Property Valuation & Division

  • Collaborative Divorce

Child Custody

We give our clients the tools they need to raise safe and happy children. Working closely with counselors & other professionals, we develop effective and workable parenting plans for you.

  • Custody Trials

  • Parental Alienation Claims

  • Emergency Restraining Orders

Child Custody Lawyer Fort Worth
CPS Lawyer Fort Worth

CPS Investigations

We’re the “go-to” lawyers when responding to a CPS investigation. Clients turn to us when they are serious about keeping their family united and living in the same home.

  • CPS Investigations and Safety Plans

  • Abuse Allegations

  • Emergency Removals

Custody Modifications

Life goes on and your child custody orders may need a refresh. If a visitation schedule is no longer workable or there’s been a change in employment, let’s modify those old orders to better suit your current needs and those of your children.

  • Change of Circumstances
  • Parental Relocation
  • Remarriage of a Parent
Modifications Lawyer Fort Worth
Grandparents Rights Lawyers Forth Worth

Grandparent’s Rights

We keep family ties strong, representing grandparents and extended family in suits for primary custody of children. We also help grandparents and extended family intervene in pending suits brought by CPS.

  • Grandparent Custody Cases

  • Grandparent Access/Visitation Rights

Emergency Orders

An emergency restraining order in divorce or custody cases protects you and your children from abuse, neglect or abduction, or waste of marital assets.

  • Waste of Marital Assets

  • Protection from Family Violence

  • Removal from a Dangerous Home
Emergency Orders Lawyers Fort Worth
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