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Calming Down Your Family Law Fears During COVID-19

So much was happening in our lives just weeks ago: kids were looking forward to spring break, there were elections for every office from President to dogcatcher, financial markets were soaring, family law attorneys were helping their clients, and we were an optimistic people.

Then it all stopped.

And sadly, [...]

Introducing – The Touch-Free Courthouse!

Nothing like a pandemic to shine new light on an old phrase “Touch-Free” that is common lingo in the car wash world - but not so much at courthouses.

It turns out car washes were ahead of the curve and suddenly their friction-less model is the new blueprint for our [...]

The First Family of Fort Worth Law – Different by Design!

When the need for a family law attorney arises in the Fort Worth area, finding the right practice to work with your family is essential.

Though there is no shortage of family law firms to choose from, Schreier & Housewirth is a practice that rises above the rest in our [...]

Remote Family Law Practices – A Brave New Future!

In these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, conducting business remotely has become a priority for many businesses including family law firms.

Fortunately for our clients, all of us at Schreier & Housewirth have fully embraced the idea of practicing remotely, as we’ve already employed many cloud-based, remote solutions for [...]

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