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Analyzing The Right To A Lawyer in Family Law Cases

The right to representation during certain legal cases is one that Americans enjoy as part of their Constitutional rights; however, this does not usually include guaranteed assistance for divorce cases handled by family law attorneys.

Attorneys who special in family law are typically paid by the client, except in certain [...]

How to Manage Co-Parenting Issues During The Holidays!

Of all the stressful periods that family law attorneys help their clients through, holiday time can be among the most difficult, especially for divorced couples who are co-parenting their children.

Child custody agreements usually include planning for holidays, but those agreements can still be a challenge once holiday time rolls [...]

Introducing – The Touch-Free Courthouse!

Nothing like a pandemic to shine new light on an old phrase “Touch-Free” that is common lingo in the car wash world - but not so much at courthouses.

It turns out car washes were ahead of the curve and suddenly their friction-less model is the new blueprint for our [...]

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