In most divorce cases that involve children, it is typical for parents to seek joint child custody that will allow them to co-parent beyond the end of their marriage.

Texas refers to this as joint conservatorship and prefers this child custody arrangement for parents who are willing to work together to co-parent successfully.

What many parents might not realize is that this joint custody arrangement does not always mean that each parent has equal parental rights and duties.

That information is documented deeper within the child custody agreement and it might not be what parents believe it to be. 

Are Parental Rights in Joint Conservatorship Equal?

While Texas joint conservatorship child custody does give both parents some parental rights regarding their children, it does not mean those rights are balanced or equal.

In fact, many parents end up quite surprised to learn that this child custody arrangement does not give them the degree of parental rights that they think it does! 

Learn An Important Detail About Joint Conservatorship in This Video

Though it is important for parents to achieve a co-parenting arrangement in their child custody agreement, the negotiation must not stop at that.

Learn more about this important and very misunderstood detail about joint conservatorship in Texas in this short video from Board-Certifed Family Law Attorney Greg Housewirth. 

The state of Texas strives to give as many parents as possible the ability to co-parent their kids after divorce with a joint conservatorship child custody arrangement.

Yet the family court does not guarantee the amount of control that each parent may be granted in the child custody agreement.

To ensure the fairest distribution of parental rights, especially with regard to important decisions like health emergencies, schooling, and more, it is essential for parents to hire an experienced child custody attorney to help them negotiate for those rights.

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