A common myth that many divorce lawyers come across in practice is the idea that filing for divorce in Texas automatically means there will be a divorce or custody court trial.

This is completely untrue, as it is very possible for spouses to work through their divorces without having to go to court.

The Texas family court usually suggests that spouses and their divorce lawyers attempt other methods initially to collectively resolve divorce and custody concerns.

Divorce court and custody trials are usually left for times when those other methods fail or when the circumstances are such that a judge must be involved.

Court Not Required With Effective Alternate Methods

Instead of heading immediately to court, spouses can work with lawyers who specialize in various alternative divorce techniques that involve negotiating without the court’s involvement.

Doing so can hopefully allow them to come to a more amicable close to their relationship or make custody decisions that more directly suit their individual situations and what they and their children need.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Two Options

Divorce mediation is one method that is very effective for some couples, while collaborative divorce is another method.

When addressed with the help of experienced professionals like qualified lawyers, financial experts, mental health professionals, and others, either of these methods can help spouses resolve their divorce and custody issues together, without requiring a judge to make decisions for them.

In this short video, Texas Board-Certified Family Law mediator and collaborative law specialist Greg Housewirth discusses divorce mediation and collaborative divorce and how they can both be useful for making important divorce and custody decisions while staying out of court!

Agreeable Spouses Can Avoid Court Using These Favorable Techniques

Sometimes, divorce lawyers may suggest going to court when it becomes obvious that spouses cannot work together to resolve their divorce or child custody issues.

In most cases, Texas divorces and custody concerns can be successfully negotiated through alternative methods like divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.

When working with experienced mediation lawyers and collaborative divorce attorneys, spouses willing to make the effort to avoid court by negotiating and compromising can usually do just that.

Contact Greg to discuss the best options for divorce and child custody negotiations that everyone can agree on without leaving important decisions to a judge!

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Gregory L. Housewirth is a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist practicing in Fort Worth Texas. With 30 years of family law experience, Mr. Housewirth has represented hundreds of clients in divorce, custody, CPS, modification, and grandparent cases. In addition, Mr. Housewirth is a qualified family law mediator and a member of Collaborative Law Texas, a practice group dedicated to promoting collaborative divorce in Texas.