Because no divorce is the ever same and even simpler ones require critical forethought, it’s always recommended to consult with a divorce lawyer who can guide you in such planning.

It is the key to avoiding unexpected problems along the way that could delay the process or make finalizing a divorce harder than it needs to be.

An experienced divorce planning attorney will help you prepare all that is necessary so your request to the family court is approved and a divorce decree issued, allowing you to move on with your life.

Why You Need A Divorce Plan Before You Act

There’s a lot more to getting divorced than just filing a few papers and going on your merry way.

Before your divorce will be approved, a divorce lawyer on your behalf must demonstrate that you’ve made certain considerations along with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and handled important matters like assets, debt, child custody and support, and many other related family concerns.

This kind of planning doesn’t happen overnight and trying to skip it would be detrimental to both parties in the long run.

The divorce process can take weeks, months, or even years to work out to everyone’s satisfaction.

The best course of action for any couple is to start divorce planning after each has selected his or her own attorney, allowing plenty of time to deal with problem resolutions, changing circumstances, unexpected issues, and the many other time-consuming details that tend to arise in even the simplest cases.

Divorces Involve Many Things

Getting a divorce successfully granted involves going through a multi-step process and many of these critical planning steps undertaken with a divorce lawyer won’t happen overnight.

  • Before even thinking about filing papers, it’s critical to consider everything from your current living situation and finances to how that will change once you’re divorced.
  • Construct a plan just for yourself and a collective plan for you and your spouse to handle divorce needs.
  • If you have kids, that’s a whole other element involving its own planning and negotiation to be able to present the courts with an acceptable custody agreement that has all details and potential problem solutions worked out.
  • What to do if your spouse contests and you can't support yourself must be answered during this divorce planning period.
  • Identify areas where you’re willing to compromise to reach an agreement.
  • Any need for emotional or mental support should start early so you’re in the best frame of mind.
  • Potential safety issues once papers are served should be planned for as well as the possibility of needing a protective order.

Your attorney will also bring up any potential problems and roadblocks foreseen from his or her experience so those can be planned for as well.

Property Division and Financial Issues Take Time

Some of the more time-consuming yet critical divorce planning you and your lawyer will undertake involves financial planning and the division of marital property.

It is one of the more challenging parts of divorce since it encompasses a fair division of:

  • Assets including money, property, and investments.
  • Debt both individual and joint.
  • Current and future income you may need to provide for yourself,
  • Retirement accounts.
  • All other assets.

Because disagreements are common and resolution can take time, more complex assets and estate require that planning should be as soon as possible.

Seek An Experienced Divorce Planning Attorney

Even in best-case scenarios, splitting up a marriage takes a good amount of planning with a divorce lawyer to evaluate current circumstance and what must happen to achieve the desired result.

One of the biggest mistakes spouses make is failing to consult with a divorce planning attorney who already knows the questions at hand and problems that might arise and is prepared to help you plan for them.

If you’ve decided on getting a divorce, start your planning today so things go quickly and smoothly once the official process is started.

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