Settle is Not a Four-Letter Word

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Settle is a bad word in our individualistic, success-driven culture.  To settle is to fail.  If you google “never settle” you’ll see just how many companies have built their brand on our core belief that you should always strive for perfection, get exactly what you want, and never be satisfied with lesser alternatives. Now, let’s […]

Children of Divorce During the Holidays

Parents going through a divorce with their child

Divorce affects children in many ways. The feelings of loss that accompany a divorce are heightened around the holidays, when kids are forced to adjust to life with only one parent at a time. With the holiday season approaching, there’s potential for stress and conflict over visitation schedules, but it is important that you put […]

Can I get a witness? How the Rules of Evidence can torpedo your family law case

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I know it’s summertime, but let’s pull out the old barrister wig, channel our inner Blackstone, and talk about evidence in family law. In most family law cases, there’s what you know … and then there’s what you can prove.    Proof comes in the form of admissible evidence.  Admissibility is determined by the Texas […]

Up For Grabs, Kids Without Court Orders

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It happens all the time.  You knew things were rocky and your relationship strained, but when you come home to an empty house, it takes your breath away.  The kids… where are they?  No doubt, your spouse or partner has loaded them into the car and hit the road. What now? If you are both […]

A Creative Custody Arrangement During Divorce

Sad Child and Moving Boxes

I’ve been working with a client who is unwinding a 20 year marriage after discovering his wife’s infidelity.  They have two children, both of whom have Asperger’s and are resistant to change. Currently, my client and his wife are both residing in the marital residence, but tensions are such that this arrangement is unsustainable. Both […]

The Shoebox And Other Mysteries Of Medical Support For Kids

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So, you think you know a little about Texas child support laws, right? You’ve heard about the Texas child support guidelines, wage withholding orders, and even the dreaded contempt of court for those who don’t pay. These are all good things to know given that child support is a necessary consideration in every divorce and […]

What To Do When Your Custody Order Stops Working

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If you have a crystal ball, be sure to bring it with you when you negotiate the child custody provisions in your Texas divorce decree or visitation order. That way, you’ll see the future and make sure your divorce decree covers every contingency between now and the time your child walks out the door as […]

The Hunger Games Solution For Parental Alienation

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Being the parent of a teenager, I got wrapped up in the wave of insanity driven by The Hunger Games. While the vision of a televised battle to the death waged by teenagers is pretty disturbing, it’s probably no worse than the horrors our kids are subjected to in many custody cases. Did Joint Custody […]

The Parental Presumption In Texas Family Law

Dad hugging daughter.

Texas family law has many presumptions, but none is more important than the so-called parental presumption as it is applied in child custody litigation. First, what is a presumption? Think of the starting line at a race with all of the runners having the same distance to cover before reaching the finish line. A legal […]

The Texas Family Code Can’t Handle Teenagers (but Who Can?)

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As you can see from the picture to the right, I know a thing or two about being a parent to a teenager. Fort Worth and Dallas child custody lawyers often hear divorce clients complain that their teenager has gone wild and that ordinary weekend exchanges of possession have become a battlefield. The divorce decree you and […]