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Child Custody Modifications in Fort Worth Texas

When Child Custody Changes in Texas – Can Orders Be Modified?

Many parents wonder whether child custody modifications can be made after the family court has rendered a final custody order.

Custody modification lawyers explain that while the court will approve changes for minor issues that are worked out between the parents, they will change the custody order only for other [...]

Should You File For Child Custody Modification in Texas?

Sometimes, child custody modifications become necessary when the current custody order is no longer working for parents or in the best interest of the child.

While it is possible to modify a Texas custody order with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, it is not always easy to do.


Child Preference – How Is It Used In Child Custody Cases?

A question that child custody modifications attorneys frequently receive from parents is whether or not their child can state their preference as to which parent they will live with.

Child preference can be one of the factors considered when the family court decides on custody modifications, but whether or not [...]

Case Study – When Child Custody Modifications Must Happen!

A Father Fights to Modify a Prior Custody Order to Give His Son A Better Future

It was a normal Wednesday as Drew waited in the carpool line to gather up Dean, his six-year-old son.

Drew and Lana had divorced two years ago and had agreed to a joint conservatorship [...]

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