Getting a divorce can be an emotional chapter in anyone’s life; however, it does not have to be a life sentence for misery according to experienced divorce attorneys.

While every situation is different and lawyers do point out that some divorces are more difficult than others, those who end up happiest afterward tend to share some common traits.

If looking at a divorce in the near future, keep in mind these helpful ideas so you can look forward to a brighter future and move on in your life!

1. The Ability to Compromise

One of the most important traits that attorneys encounter in spouses who have a positive outcome after their divorce has been finalized is the ability to compromise.

No matter what brought them to the point of dissolving the marriage, fighting about every last detail will only make the process harder, not easier.

Lawyers find that those with the ability to look ahead and understand that compromise is essential can get through the process with less emotional stress and put it all in the past more easily.

2. A Willingness to Seek Therapy

Dissolving a marriage can be emotionally and psychologically damaging.

Therapists can play a key role in helping those getting divorced stay balanced and better deal with the stress and pain.

Seeing a therapist when necessary is some of the most valuable help that anyone can seek out.

Therapy is an effective and private outlet for all those emotions, helping those suffering from the pain of divorce learn how to cope and move on.

3. A Strong Support System

Attorneys who help clients with a divorce note that besides having the support of a therapist, those who more easily get through this painful point in their lives also have a strong personal support system around them.

Family and friends to lean on during this challenging time provide an invaluable service toward helping divorcing individuals stay calmer and gain a more positive outlook toward the future thanks to the love and support of those who are important to them.

4. The Ability to Let Go of Anger

As heated and unpleasant as divorces may get, holding onto the anger that can arise only makes things worse.

Divorce lawyers point out that anger prevents the willingness to negotiate, prolongs and complicates the process, and makes it much harder to move past things once everything is final.

Anger can stay with someone indefinitely, making it difficult to enjoy life afterward.

As challenging as it can be for some, practicing the ability to let go of anger and accept things is one of the most important traits of finding happiness later.

5. Self-Accountability

Nobody is perfect, which means we all contribute to our own bad situations in certain ways.

Attorneys agree that when spouses can be honest with themselves and each other as well as take responsibility for their own mistakes, it is easier to get through the divorce and be happy afterward.

Being accountable opens up many learning opportunities, a chance to forgive oneself and others while moving forward into happier and healthier times.

6. A Realistic and Positive Outlook

Although getting divorced is not a happy thing to face, those with a positive outlook who can see the ways in which exiting a damaged relationship can be beneficial tend to be happier later on.

Critical divorce advice is to recognize that relationships do change and leaving one can be the right choice in some circumstances.

Looking ahead to new opportunities and a more positive life can be found for most people.

Attaining Happiness After Divorce Not Impossible

Divorce happens, sometimes even to those who never thought it could.

The best way to get past one and lead a happy life afterward is to be honest about the relationship and oneself, leave anger out of it, and be able to compromise.

Additionally, divorce lawyers suggest that physical and emotional self-care, both before and after the divorce, and a positive outlook can help divorcees have a brighter future.

These six traits of people who find happiness after divorce are essential tips to take into account!

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