I can not say enough good things about Mr. Housewirth. I was in the middle of a train wreck of a custody situation and Mr. Housewirth was able to pull me out virtually scratchless. He and his staff kept me informed the entire way and used plain ENGLISH so I could understand everything that was going on. I would not hesitate to recommend Gregory L Housewirth to anyone in need of a GREAT Attorney.


I feel that Greg is a good attorney. He was there for me when I needed understanding through my case. He made sure that he let me know that he was on my side and that he was there for me and my daughter. My case is still not done however, Greg has made sure that all the right responses from CPS and the DA have come out. I would recommend Greg to any one to use him for all their family situations. I can honestly say that Greg has helped me stay strong when it really mattered the most. So thank you Greg for all that you have and continue to do for me and my daughter.


Mr. Housewirth (and his office) took a mess and guided me through the legal issues with patience, courtesy and professionalism. He consistently kept me informed, allowed me to be involved in the decision process and explained the processes so that I was able to anticipate the delays, likely scenarios presented, etc. He kept a volatile situation from getting worse by working with both sides of the lawsuit(s) to move the case forward. I went through two child custody cases involving everything from custody, visitation, support, compliance etc. Thanks to Mr. Housewirth, the court process kept moving forward and we were able to make progress even when the opposing client/counsel were delaying the case. Mr. Housewirth was able to use his intellect, influence and professional approach to work with the opposing client/counsel (thought to be an impossible task) to bring a peaceful resolution to a relatively hostile case. I would recommend Greg to anyone involved in a Family Law issue. He was upfront and more than fair with the billing and worked with me on payments. This review is not based on winning or losing but based on the manner in which the case was conducted. Nobody wins in these cases: especially the children. Unfortunately, sometimes they are still necessary. Mr. Housewirth was always able to place the children and their best interests ahead of “winning”. I will always appreciate how he kept this issue at the heart of his work. For this, I am indebted to him more than anything else. In the end, we were able to achieve what is best (given the circumstances) for the children. Thanks Greg. You have done more for my family than you will ever know!


Thank you for helping us through a trying situation with our family. Your service was professional and complete. I commend both Melissa and Greg for their efforts.

Ron M

I found the services very prompt and expertly handled. Mr. Housewirth provided timely work and was responsive to my objectives.

Cindy W

The experience of getting a divorce after 30+ years of marriage is one of the most horrific situations that someone can ever experience. Greg and Melissa made it as easy as they possibly could. Greg listened and advised very professionally and with care. The whole process proceeded just as they said it would which made it go smoothly with as little pain as possible.

Karen M

Great Job! Always available and very informative on the issues I was facing. Very fair with mediation pricing. Thanks for looking out for my best interest throughout the whole deal.

Matt N.

I felt extremely comfortable from my first contact with your office. Mr. Housewirth was easy to talk to about anything and exuded warmth and compassion appropriately. Melissa was always professional, friendly, and efficient. I have and will continue to refer others to this firm. Thank you for making a difficult time in my life seem less overwhelming.

Marylin B.

Greg and Melissa were extremely helpful in explaining this difficult life-changing situation that I went through and they were a great team to work with. They were honest and understanding and worked with my busy travel schedule throughout the proceedings. They were even able to finalize things after my relocation to a different state. I would recommend this firm to anyone that requires legal services for anything concerning family law.

Jacob L.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Holly as both collaborators and at other times as opponents. Each and every time, she has performed with the utmost professionalism and integrity. She understands the nuances of practicing law and shows tremendous insight into the lives of the people she represents. Holly has a strong work ethic and she knows how to break down a problem case so that it is manageable and ultimately winnable. You couldn’t ask for a better advocate.

—Fellow Attorney