Prospective parents in Texas interested in adopting can do so by either working with an adoption agency or hiring an adoption attorney directly to handle the legalities for them.

Whether choosing to hire a private adoption lawyer on their own or go through an agency that hires their own lawyers, there are advantages and disadvantages to each method.

This brief explanation of agency adoption versus using an adoption attorney should help adoptive parents decide which method seems more fitting for them so they can start their process the right way.

Adoption Through An Adoption Agency

An agency adoption in Texas is one in which prospective parents apply to the adoption agency, then go through the process to be matched with and adopt a child.

Agencies work directly with mothers, helping them place their children with qualified parents by assisting them with the screening and legal processes.

They also employ their own agency adoption lawyers who handle all of the legal matters required for the adoption to take place.

Ultimately, adoption agencies serve as matching and legal services that help prospective parents find a child to adopt, then guide them through the process until all of the legalities are handled.

To provide these services, including the services of their adoption attorney, agencies charge adoption fees.

Though a fee of $25,000 or more is customary today, many parents find going through an agency to be easier than opting for private adoption.

Private Adoption With An Adoption Attorney

A private Texas adoption is one in which the adoptive parents find a mother looking to give up her child on their own, then hire an adoption lawyer to help them through the process.

Also called an independent adoption or DIY adoption, it requires the adoptive parents and the birth mother to do their own screening as well as due diligence and to work closely with the hired attorney to go through the legal adoption process with the birth mother.

Using private adoptions, prospective parents working with their own chosen adoption attorney have much more control over the adoption.

An experienced lawyer will explain the process to them, go over all legal matters and adoption regulations, then help them complete the process with the birth mother as required by Texas adoption law.

The only fees involved in a private adoption are legal fees, filing fees, and court fees, which are usually more affordable than the fees charged by an adoption agency.

Which Is The Better Option?

The choice of agency adoption over private adoption is a personal one that prospective parents must make after researching agencies as well as experienced adoption attorneys and determining which path will work best for them.

Those looking for assistance through the matching as well as the screening process and desire to let someone else handle most of the legwork should consider going through an agency.

Prospective parents who wish to hire their own legal representation, then locate and screen their own adoption arrangement, can easily do so with the help of a qualified attorney and a little more work on their end.

Contact An Adoption Attorney For A Good Adoption Experience

Choosing to adopt a child is a wonderful point in any adoptive parent’s life.

Though agency adoptions may be easier for some, private Texas adoptions with a qualified adoption lawyer are also very popular.

When adoption is on the horizon, there is a caring and experienced adoption attorney out there who can help prospective parents through the adoption process and help them make their adoption dreams come true.

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