Most divorce and custody cases eventually settle out of court prior to trial.  Sometimes, cases settle in a mediation with the help of a family law mediator.  Other times, family lawyers negotiate settlements through a series of communications.  Often overlooked in Texas divorce cases, is the rarely used settlement conference.

If you are going to mediation, expect to pay a mediator at least $400.00 for a half-day mediation and $800.00 for a full day.  Your lawyer will charge you at his or her hourly rate.  While mediation is an important resource in family law, it can be an expensive endeavor.

Texas Family Code §6.604 allows for the use of informal settlement conferences in Texas divorces. So, there’s nothing keeping the parties and attorneys from sitting down, face to face and conducting a negotiation without the assistance of a mediator.  Most importantly, if you work a deal in an informal settlement conference, you can make it irrevocable by including the proper language and requiring all parties to sign.  Thus, eliminating subsequent waffling!

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