Do you paint with a broad brush or are you a stickler for the details?

Each of us falls somewhere on the decision-making spectrum and it affects our approach to many of life’s big decisions - like divorce.

It is All In the Decision-Making Details

That detail, including choosing the right family law specialist to work with, is important to ensure a favorable outcome for your divorce.

An experienced divorce lawyer who can help you work through the critical details of a divorce and make the right decisions is the best one to choose.

That is why choosing a firm like Schreier & Housewirth is so crucial.

As a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist with over 30 years of experience, I know a little about human behavior in stressful situations and how it can affect the outcome of a divorce case.

A Divorce Lawyer To Suit Your Decision-Making Style

Some clients look at divorce as something to endure and move on from while others comb the wreckage and count every paperclip.

Which approach to divorce is right? Both and neither.

You definitely want to be diligent when identifying and valuing marital assets, but there is a tipping point where it is no longer worth the time or expense to unearth another dollar.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not the right divorce lawyer for every client.

That’s why I really take my time when visiting with potential clients to make sure we’re on the same page before taking a retainer payment.

Sure, I want you to get an award of marital property that’s fair and what I call “within the strike-zone” of possibility at the courthouse.

Beyond that, I’m going to encourage you to consider the intrinsic value of finalizing your divorce, rather than prolonging the fight for the possibility of an incremental gain.

Sometimes accepting slightly less materially is worth much more emotionally and mentally in the long run.

The rest is up to you. Are you liberal arts or a CPA?

If you’ll do a little self-assessment first before reaching out to a divorce lawyer, you’ll be more likely to find a lawyer whose interests are aligned with yours.

Schreier & Housewirth Can Be A Great Fit

Chances are, you have a lot of questions about getting a divorce in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and are wondering how to find the right lawyer to handle your divorce.

Give me a call - we'll chat for free and I'll help you make your best decision when selecting a divorce lawyer.

A free consultation about your circumstances is the first step you can take to answer those questions and find a Board-Certified Family Lawyer who is a perfect fit for your decision-making style!

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Gregory L. Housewirth is a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist practicing in Fort Worth Texas. With 30 years of family law experience, Mr. Housewirth has represented hundreds of clients in divorce, custody, CPS, modification, and grandparent cases. In addition, Mr. Housewirth is a qualified family law mediator and a member of Collaborative Law Texas, a practice group dedicated to promoting collaborative divorce in Texas.