Quizzle For Home, Money, And CreditFor many divorcing couples, their residence is their most valuable community asset. If you are curious about the value of your home, or the home values in your neighborhood, at Quizzle.com you can get free home value estimates, and home loan evaluations with management recommendations to optimize your current loan.

I visited the Quizzle website and found a one stop shop for things such as home valuations, credit reporting, and money management tips. After signing up as a member, you can get a home value estimate as well as check up on your credit report, all for free.

These days, knowing your credit score is a key factor when deciding to purchase a home, car or any other item using credit. The government allows each of us a free credit report once per year, so Quizzle is a great site to visit if you want to know your credit score.

The site is easy to read and to the point, with a blogging section for additional information on various money topics pertaining to real estate, relationships, and the federal government, just to name a few.