Foster Home Placement Disputes with CPS

Texas foster parents in Fort Worth and Tarrant County have a right to intervene in a pending child protective services (CPS) case to seek custody of a foster child who has been placed in their home for over one year. Without formal legal intervention, Texas foster parents have a right to intervene in a pending CPS case to seek custody of a foster child who has been placed in their home for over a year. Without formal legal intervention, Texas CPS has the absolute right to remove a child from a foster home, place the child in another home, or return the child to the parents. At Schreier & Housewirth, we understand that decisions made by CPS may not always be in the best interest of a child. That’s why we give Texas foster parents a clear voice in the courtroom. Read more on CPS Claims.

Since 1986, Gregory L. Housewirth and Holly J. Schreier have been fixtures in CPS cases throughout North Texas. Our experience with CPS units in Tarrant, Dallas, Hood, Erath, Collin, Denton and Johnson counties allows us to interact directly with key decision makers at CPS and to advocate for the interests of both foster parents and foster children. Contact us concerning your CPS or Foster Home Dispute.

To better serve our foster parents who seek conservatorship of a foster child, we also work closely with independent social workers, psychologists and counselors. These professionals are a valuable resource for foster parents and they can be very persuasive witnesses in a custody trial.

Adoption of Children by Foster Parents

Once parental rights are terminated, we help our foster parent clients realize their dream of adoption by filing for adoption in the family law courts. As a part of our service, we refer our clients to independent social workers who can assist in completing the required adoption study and criminal history report.

Read more on Adoption.

Foster Home License Revocation

In addition to trial advocacy on behalf of Texas foster parents, we also provide legal representation in administrative hearings brought by CPS to close a foster home. While our approach in these proceedings may be slightly different, our ultimate goal remains clear: to protect Texas foster parents from arbitrary and unjust actions by CPS.

If you are a foster parent seeking to resist removal of your foster child by cps or are seeking to protest an unjust revocation of your license, please call our firm. We have the reputation, knowledge and wisdom you’ll need as you confront CPS.