Divorce mediation is a preferred solution that attorneys recommend to their clients as a favorable option rather than going to court when the situation permits it.

There are many advantages that mediation attorneys see for their clients when using this approach according to Attorney Greg Housewirth - watch the following video on YouTube from a highly experienced, Board Certified Family Law Attorney.

To gain a clear understanding of why mediation is recommended and how it is so successful for many family law attorneys, follow along to learn the main reasons why mediation can be a better alternative than having a judge determine the details in a divorce decree.

1. Spouses Can Create Their Own Outcome

The most important advantage of choosing divorce mediation is that it allows spouses to come up with solutions to their disagreements and control the outcome.

Through experienced guidance that asks the required questions and keeps the conversation on track, spouses willing to compromise and fairly create these solutions can do so in ways that are more suitable for them and more easily agreed upon.

2. Mediation Is A Structured Process With A Neutral Party

There are no divorce attorneys or judges involved in the actual mediation process; instead, there is only a trained mediator who controls the conversation to keep it productive and ensure that spouses make all the necessary decisions required for the divorce agreement.

As such, the process remains structured and productive while the two spouses maintain control of their decision-making.

3. Agreement Through Mediation Is Legal and Permanent

In the same way that decisions made by going to court with a divorce lawyer for a judge to decide are legal and permanent, so are those made using mediation.

Couples work with a mediator to come up with solutions that are documented in an agreement, then presented to a judge for official approval.

Divorce mediation is final - there is no changing of the mind permitted just because it is mediation.

4. Mediation Is Faster And Less Expensive Than Going To Court

Because mediation done outside of the courtroom and without the presence of divorce attorneys is usually calmer and less stressful, it also tends to be faster than the other options.

Mediation can happen as quickly as a few hours in some cases and the faster the process of creating the divorce agreement is, the less expensive the divorce can be, especially when it means staying out of court.

5. Judges Prefer When Spouses Utilize Mediation

Although mediation gives spouses the ability to come up with their own agreements as opposed to having a judge make decisions for them, the judge does still have the final say on what is agreed and becomes the divorce decree.

That said, divorce lawyers and judges do favor when spouses can work together to determine their own suitable solutions through mediation since they know each other best.

Most judges agree that due to this factor alone, mediation has a high success rate and encourage it whenever mediation is appropriate.

Divorce Mediation - A Favored Option In The Divorce Process

In keeping the divorce process as quick and painless as possible, attorneys who function as divorce mediators recommend mediation for spouses who are able to remain civil and compromise to create their divorce agreement.

Divorce mediation is fast, easy, and amicable while addressing all of the important decisions that must be made in a divorce.

Spouses who are ending their marriage can prepare for this process with an experienced divorce mediation lawyer who will help them work out potential solutions ahead of time and prepare them to work with their spouse to agree on the most workable answers.

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