Getting a divorce is emotionally taxing for each spouse and their families, especially at holiday time.

During a period when tension can run high on its own without the added stress of divorce issues, attorneys who help their clients with a divorce find that preparing oneself ahead of time with the right outlook can help survive the holidays.

These tips from lawyers experienced with family law issues can be helpful for surviving the holidays during or just after a divorce.

1. Plan Ahead

Heading into your first holiday time while terminating a marriage, divorce attorneys recommend making plans ahead of time to know what you will be doing and who you will be doing it with.

It can relieve some of the emotional stress to know that there is a plan for the holidays regardless of what is going on in your personal life and that it is something that you are comfortable with.

2. Do Not Make Any Big Decisions

Since the holidays can be stressful enough on their own, try to avoid making any big life decisions during this time, especially when in the midst of a divorce.

Intensified emotions can cloud your thought process and make decision-making more challenging.

Those who find themselves becoming additionally affected at the approach of the holidays can discuss with their divorce lawyer the need to take a break from things for a few weeks.

Mediation, negotiations, and other emotional ideas can wait a little while so you are not battling two emotional issues at the same time.

3. Avoid Negativity

The strain of getting a divorce can bring out a lot of negative feelings, so be conscious of this and take steps to avoid voicing them.

Negativity at holiday time could affect not just you

Instead, remain calm and try to hold onto the holiday spirit so you can enjoy the season as much as possible.

4. Spend Holidays With Loved Ones

When going through emotional times, our family and other loved ones are the most important support we have.

Attorneys recommend that anyone going through a divorce spend their holidays with those people to keep spirits up and have an enjoyable time while forgetting about problems for a little while.

As much as you may want to, avoid spending the holidays alone.

5. Make A New Tradition

Family traditions that must be broken due to a divorce can definitely cause sadness at the holidays.

Counteract that sadness by creating new traditions with extended family, friends, and especially your children to stay motivated.

6. Do Something Fun

Whether it becomes a new tradition or just a one-time thing, choose a fun activity to do around the holidays to keep your heart light and a smile on your face.

A fun and spontaneous activity enjoyed alone or with someone close to you can brighten the holidays enough to chase the stress and sadness away for some time.

6. Take Care of Self Care

Divorce lawyers frequently suggest that their clients take time out for self-care during the divorce process, as taking care of oneself physically and emotionally is very important, and that self-care is even more important during family times like holidays.

Whether self-care for you includes a massage, a therapy session, or even just a special meal, set aside time to pamper yourself with a break from the stress during this trying period.

You Can Survive the Holidays During A Divorce

There is no doubt that the holidays, as happy as the season may be, can be especially stressful for those going through a divorce.

To keep things on the brighter side, divorce attorneys recommend that divorcing individuals plan ahead with family and friends to enjoy the holidays with them.

Plan the holidays so there will be support from those around you, then regroup with your divorce lawyer after this emotional breather.

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