I read a story the other day, talking about people having a “five year plan.”  Reading the story inspired me to slow down, think beyond the struggles of daily life, and try to define a few life goals.

Woman writing in a small notebookHere’s where I ended up.

My goals are to love, to be loved, to be needed, and to be a part of something greater than myself.  I don’t think I’m too unique in wanting, hoping, for these things.  I’m human… and so are you.

When a marriage ends, our very foundations are shaken, we become unhinged, and unsure of the road ahead.   Every day in court, I see the faces of divorce clients tight, grim, caught up in the conflict.

I tell my clients that, in court, we stop abusive and unreasonable behavior, we protect children and assets, but we don’t make people happy.

That’s gotta come from you.

To help you help yourself, take a few pointers from an experienced “old” divorce lawyer.

  • Bend but don’t break, family court isn’t for rigid people.
  • Don’t wrestle with a pig, the pig will enjoy the match and you’ll get dirty.
  • Forgive, it’s the only way to survive.
  • If it won’t be important to you in a year, don’t fight over it, let it go.

The next chapter of your life is about to unfold, let us show you how to get there.