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Are Parenting Partnerships An Alternative To Adoption?

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Schreier HousewirthIf you are unmarried, can you still fulfill your dream of becoming a parent?  For many years, singles have struggled to compete with couples for a successful adoption match.

A number of online sites now allow singles to connect with others interested not in romance, but in partnering to conceive and raise a child.  Sites such as www.Modamily.com and www.Coparents.com take singles through the process of meeting, matching, conceiving and raising a child as co-parents.

As you can imagine, this adoption alternative has its detractors who argue against deliberately consigning a child to be raised in two different worlds.  On the other hand, proponents say parenting partnerships between warm and cooperative co-parents produce happy, well-adjusted children.

What are the legal rights of co-parents?  What happens if disagreements arise over the parenting of the child, or if one parent decides to move far away? The key to a successful parenting partnership is a carefully prepared parenting plan; one that complies with Texas Family Code requirements.

At Schreier and Housewirth family law, we believe families come in all forms. Through our careful parenting plan development, we give co-parents the assurance and security they need to raise happy and confident children.  For over twenty years we’ve been helping our diverse family of clients realize their dream of parenthood.

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