A Family Lawyer’s Survival Guide for the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Pandemic

You can’t say we didn’t see this coming.  For over two months, we’ve watched as this mysterious Coronavirus has spread across, China, Italy, all of Europe and now North Texas.  Given the situation, our Tarrant county family courts aren’t giving into fear, rather they are making a reasoned decision to “flatten the curve” as the […]

7 Super Divorce Hacks for 2020

For everything there is a season… even divorce.  Statistics show the season of uncoupling begins about the time you take that last sip of Cold Duck on Valentine’s and ends when your pansies swoon in the heat of late spring. Googling online divorce help is like riding your bike without a helmet or buying your […]

The Divorce Quick Start

Every Texas divorce follows these steps from start to finish: Petition for Divorce — this is the document that opens your case at the courthouse.  The legal document ranges from two to 20 pages in length, depending on the circumstances.  Every petition will include the basics such as names of the parties and children, dates of […]