Tanner W. Breed

Fort Worth Child Custody Legal Assistant

Tanner Breed Headshot Fort Worth, Texas
Phone: (817) 923-9999
Fax: (817) 335-4505
Email: tanner@fwfamilylaw.com

Tanner W. Breed is the newest member of our legal team. A native of Fort Worth, Tanner graduated from Arlington Heights High School. After living out his dream to play college baseball, Tanner graduated from Texas Wesleyan University before earning his law degree at Saint Mary’s University School of Law.

As we say at the office, “Tanner is a Breed-apart” and he will be a key component in our mission to provide divorce and child custody clients assistance.

In his free time Tanner enjoys spending time with his new wife, playing golf, and hunting… in that order!

Tanner may be reached by phone at our office or e-mail: tanner@fwfamilylaw.com.

Tanner is currently not a licensed attorney. He is eagerly awaiting his July 2019 bar results!

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